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>Ron Finley

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Ron Finley

Ron Finley is an Entrepreneur, self-proclaimed “Gangsta Gardener”, Community Leader, and the Founder of the Ron Finley project. Growing up in the South Central Los Angeles Food Prison, Finley had daily experienced a lack of availability of fresh produce and sought to rectify that issue in 2010. He began planting vegetables right outside his front door in the curbside dirtstrip next to his home, this was the beginning of his revolution to create a healthier community. As he planted and gardened right outside of his home the City of Los Angeles cited him for gardening without a permit. Finley fought back by starting a petition with fellow Green Activists which caught the eyes of creative leaders and media voices. Since beginning this movement Finley has done a TED talk and has many more exciting educational, inspirational, and “nutritious” initiatives up his sleeve to change South Central Los Angeles from a food desert to a food forest. He desires to see children grow up with the option of healthy food and sustainable living. Finley’s vision is for community gardening and rejuvenation, and educating the youth on nutrition. His most recent endeavor is building an urban garden in South Central Los Angeles that will serve as an example of a well balanced fruit-and-veggie oasis called “HQ”. Unused space such as parkways and vacant lots will be transformed into a garden and gathering community hub. Not only will this initiative create jobs for local residents, but also be a safe space for gardening, gathering, cooking, business learning, and management.


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Join us Jan 14 - 15, 2021